Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Google Docs settings

Okay, my Google Docs (where I put our lists) settings apparently defaulted to "private." I've made them public again (which is why I use initials in the first place), so everyone should be able to access them without permission.

Summer Lists

I've had a couple of requests to see the kids' summer lists, so I thought I'd share them here.

They're working really well for us and have been a huge blessing. Hopefully, they can be helpful jumping off point for others.

These are modified/expanded/pared down versions of the lists we had during the school year. When we head back into homeschooling in the fall, they'll get yet another revision.

Morning Lists
Daily Lists (We're doing a semester-long study of Texas in the fall, and we're trying to get ahead on our reading, both to take advantage of the library and to have some school under our belt, so we can take some time off when the baby is born, hence the two blocks of "Read TX Books" on the list.)
Bedtime Lists
Weekly Lists

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stateside '11 Playlist

My Stateside '10-'11 Playlist was getting a little bulky, so I subdivided. The Stateside '10 Playlist is still available, and here's what I've gotten so far in '11 (well, the non-kiddie stuff, at least; I didn't include "The B-I-B-L-E").

1. Shekinah - Jaye Thomas & Cory Asbury: There are no words.
2. Dance - Tim Hughes: Okay, so I picked this one up from The Journey, our 1st-4th grade worship service, but it's still an amazing call to active worship.
3. I Refuse - Josh Wilson: An exhortation to get involved, rather than just observe hurting people around you. (The video on this one is well worth looking up on YouTube.)
4. NY2LA - PressPlay: A funky, fun dance song of faith. Guess you just have to hear it.
5. Children of God - Third Day: We're all adopted. All of us. (The YouTube video on this one is not optional. It's a must-see.)