Monday, December 10, 2007

JW 2007-2008

JW is using the age-appropriate version of many of the things MS is, so I won't go into the reason I've chosen most of this, but here's his list.
  • Sonlight LA 1 (newest version)
  • Sonlight Intermediate 2 readers (old system)
  • Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me
  • Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B
  • Miquon Orange (and possibly beginning Red)
  • Rosetta Stone Arabic (like MS, if I ever get it set up)
  • Rod & Staff Beginning in Music 1
JW likes to work in one book at a time for extended periods (at least one whole school-time period), so he will work for a while in his Singapore book, then for a while at Miquon and then do handwriting for several days. I keep track of where I'd like him to be in each book and then, just make sure he's at or ahead of that point.

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