Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pop Playlist

Eventually, this will probably divide out in to Pop, Rock, and maybe an Alternative playlist, but for now, it's just grouped under Pop. I've been waiting until I had some time to spend on this post, because I wanted to give the "story" behind each song, since most have a story. Since a certain blog-reading friend pointed out recently that I don't post often, I thought I'd take the time to post this list today (just teasing :-).

1. Firefly Main Theme - Sonny Rhodes: fairly obvious
2. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor: from an episode of Medium** (You can all collectively gasp at the fact that we watch that show. Would you believe that my mom recommended it?)
3. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat: On our family vacation this last fall, the pop (meaning, American) radio station that they had on in the restaurant each morning at breakfast played this song. It's catchy, and it reminds me of our vacation (which had its high points, although we will be returning to the Dead Sea this spring and probably not deviating from that tradition again).
4. That’s Not Me - Bianca Ryan: I discovered this song after seeing the Bianca Ryan YouTube video from America's Got Talent. I know it's just a cover she does, but I like the song and the way she sings it.
5. Where is My Mind? - Pixies: from the ending of a 4400 episode (I also heard it in another show, but I can't find anywhere on the internet where that was. Frustrating. ETA: Just figured out where it was. Not another show, but a great LOST fan video montage.)
6. Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel: After a date night dinner at TGIFriday's in the capital during which we sat next to a wall of record covers, I dug this song up on iTunes. I listened to my parents' record when I was little. I had the tape. I skipped the CD rendition. I have it in digital format.
7. Shiny Happy People - R.E.M: Would you believe it was a Sesame Street short that led me to get this song? I was looking up various Sesame Street shorts from my childhood to put on my iPod, and I came across a bunch of celebrity appearances, too, most of which are very fun, including R.E.M's "Smiling, Happy Monsters." :-P Then, I had to have the original, harkening back to my jr. high/high school days.
8. Lullaby – Dixie Chicks: another Medium episode
9. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen: re-introduced to this song thanks to the amusing "LOST Rhapsody" YouTube video
10. The Rose - Bianca Ryan: Another Bianca Ryan cover that I liked. Reminds me of seeing Beaches at the drive-in with my mom and a friend.
11. I’m Still Here – Johnny Rzeznik: from the sleeper Disney movie, Treasure Planet
12. White Flag – Dido: I heard this in the video store and remembered liking it, so I dug it up.
13. What I Like About You – The Romantics: I have no idea.
14. In The Sun – Joesph Arthur: from the alternate, alternate ending to Bourne Identity (took some digging on the internet to figure that out, if you can imagine)
15. American Pie – Don McLean: Not quite sure on this one either.
16. Eureka End Theme - Eureka: self-explanitory
*17. Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel: I think I just like it. :-P
*18. Complicated - Avril Lagrine: ditto
*19. Extreme Ways - Moby: Bourne movie credits theme
*20. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants: Just fun. Plus, Micah sings it occasionally. :-)

*Added since original posting
**And in case anyone's worried about how much TV we watch, we will rent a season of a show, download it to our computer, and then watch it over a couple of months (deleting the episodes from the computer as we watch them). We don't have satellite, so this is the only TV we watch. :-)

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