Saturday, April 5, 2008


True confession time: I knew I was a ringtone junkie; it was not until I typed up a list for posting here, though, that I realized exactly how bad it was. I have 85 ringtones on my phone! (Thank goodness for automatic numbering in Word.) I've added a few at a time over the year that I've had my "fancy phone" (as opposed to the bottom-of-the-line model I've always had previously). Wow, that few-at-a-time sure adds up, doesn't it?

So, here they are:
24 Theme Song
411 Packet
A-Team 2
Get Your Adverbs Here
Al in This Together (from HSM)
Back to the Future
Batman (old TV show)
Belly of a Whale
Be Your Friend
Breaking Free
The Bunny Song
Cheers Chorus
Chocolate Rain
CTU Phone Ring (from 24, text alert)
Do Do Do (from HSM)
Eye of the Tiger
False Hope – Barack Obama
Family Ties
Firefly Theme Song
Fruity Oaty Bars (from Serenity)
Inspector Gadget, instrumental
Inspector Gadget, siren (text alert)
Inspector Gadget, theme
Ghostbusters, instrumental
Ghostbusters, intro
Ghostbusters, theme
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cindy Lauper
God is Bigger (Than the Boogie Man)
Go Gadget Go
Go Speed Racer
Hairbrush Song, Japanese
Hard Days Night – The Beatles
Hero of Canton (from Firefly)
His Banner
Honeyful Day
Hotel California
How Great the Father’s Love
I’m Still Here (from Treasure Planet)
I’ve Never Had (from HSM)
I’m Bad – Michael Jackson
In the Name of Love – U2
Jeopardy, text alert
Jeopardy, text alert 2
Jonah Was a Prophet
Welcome Home – JWGulley
Kim Possible, text alert
Light My Fire – The Doors
Little Einsteins, theme
Little Einsteins, text alert
System Failure – LOST
LOST, title sequence
Love, Love Me Do – The Beatles
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, theme song
Mii Channel
Muppets Theme
Name Above All Names
NCIS Theme
No Sweeter Name
Numa Numa
Numb3rs Theme
Power Rangers Theme
Soarin’ Flyin’ (from HSM)
Speed Racer Theme
Speed Racer, text alert
Spiderman (old show)
Sweet Home Alabama
Thankful Heart
Tigger & Pooh Theme
Twilight Zone
Walk Like an Egyptian
Walk the Line – Johnny Cash
Wedding March
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns ‘N Roses
White and Nerdy – Weird Al Yankovic
Wii Sports
Wild Cats – HSM
With or Without You – U2
X-Men Theme
X-Men, text alert
Yes We Can – Barack Obama
Yip Yip Telephone (Sesame Street)
You All Everybody (from LOST)

The fascinating thing to me is that I've used probably 80% of them at one point or another.


Grateful for Grace said...

Ok, that is hilarious!!
It sure is a reflection on your personality and life, though.
I wish my phone would do the 24 CTU phone ring. A friend has it on his phone at work and I'm totally jealous.

Thank you for praying for us.

We haven't missed 'the' party, have we??

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Anonymous said...

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