Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Outstanding Person

Amy over at working title has posted a contest. Share about "a person in your life who has stood out- you may not see him/her often, but knowing this person has left an impact." If you leave a comment on her blog sharing how someone has impacted your life, she'll enter you in a drawing for one of the cool magnet sets pictured above. Lower-case or upper-case. Your choice. If you win. Post about the contest on your own blog, and she'll enter you twice. Getting suspicious as to the reason for this post?

I haven't been getting around the blog world for that long. I usually come across contests too late to enter them. Or it's not something really practical to where we live. But I know Amy. I mean, we've known each other for years. I've prayed for her. She's blessed me. We're friends. Okay, so I've never actually met her. That's just a little detail, right? Amy's an e-maginary friend. Someone I met on the Sonlight discussion boards. I have prayer for her. And she has blessed me (okay, so I passed the sling that she sold me at cost on to a new mom who needed a sling more than I needed a second one, but I also knew that Amy would want me to). But I digress.

So, in my comment on Amy's post, I wrote: Okay, I will cheesily claim my husband as the person whom I've known who's had a great impact on me. There are many others, but, above all, he's walked with me through the valleys and to the mountain tops and (mostly) understood and (always) supported me the entire way.

(And, don't worry, I'll save you the shipping and pick these up at the BFM*, if I happen to win. :-)

And that's my answer. I'm sticking to it. There are many people who have impacted me over the years. Many. I could do a post a day for at least a month. No, longer. Some of you are even reading this post right now.

The thread through it all, though, has been ML. And I am so, so grateful for him. Just this morning, he "proved himself" again, and it was so sweet (more on that soon).

I love you, honey!

*For those scratching their heads, I'll explain about that later.

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