Friday, November 14, 2008

You know you live overseas if...

Tracy/LatteMom on the SL International Board started a thread with the theme "You know you live overseas if..." along the lines of Jeff Foxworthy's "You know you're a redneck if..."

Because it's late, and I think they're funny, I'm going to cut and paste my contributions as my blog post for today.

...your children are considered smart for having learned English at such a young age. have to coordinate two sizes of paper in your homeschool records.

...your child already speaks and/or writes the "exotic" language featured in this week's history project. can explain in two (or more) languages why you are not even attempting to potty train your approaching-three-year-old yet.

...your children make "falafel-men" while playing with their dinner (think a stack of three).

... even your elementary-aged children think in years when planning ahead, and it's always more than one year out (as in, "We'll see so-and-so again in 2010." "We get to go to Disney World in 2012." etc.)'ve ever send an e-mail of numbered items with a de-coding key similar to the following:
1=please bring
2=bring, if possible
3=bring, only if there's room
4=bring, only if you need something to take up room have names and addresses in your Amazon address book of people that you only vaguely remember (so and so's cousin's aunt's sister's stepson who was coming on a tour and offered to bring something to you). read threads on what people consider to be ridiculous products and totally see a use for them.

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