Monday, December 22, 2008


GfG asked if we all opened presents each day or just one person. It's actually just the kids, and they all open each day. But explaining that made me realize that I left out a tradition: ML and just get each other stocking stuffers. Then, we spend the money we would have spent on each other on something for the home. Preferably something that we will both enjoy/get use out of.

This year, we got new curtains in our bedroom (which actually blesses ML, for those wondering; he has a true appreciation for decor and ambiance), and we're getting a new stereo for the van (which actually blesses me, since I'll be able to plug my iPod directly into it and play stuff on family trips and as I drive around). So he and I only have presents to open on Christmas Eve, usually (from the gift-exchange from dh's family; we draw names). From my family, we usually have gifts that arrive via e-mail (iTunes certificates from my brother) or bank account (my parents). And we tend to save/combine the bank account ones to spend, so they don't go under the tree, either.

For example, we're using our money from my parents to go out to eat as a family on Christmas Eve with some ex-pat friends in a Christian village that has a large Christmas tree and lots of lighted homes. So, we'll eat dinner (at a Lebanese restaurant), and then drive around and see the tree and lights. Finances being what they are this year, we are extremely blessed to be able to have Christmas money that allows us to do this.

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