Monday, December 29, 2008

We did it! We did it!

Okay, three guesses as to what we finally accomplished last night. And the first two don't count.

(And he only cried for 45 minutes, poor guy. I tried to lay down with him, but it seemed to just be keeping him awake, so ML just sat in the hall to make sure he wasn't getting out of bed, since that's what our others did. He never even tried. Just cried. Hopefully tonight will be better. Especially since he's pretty grumpy today.)


Quentin & Heather said...

super, mega, awesome CONGRATS.

from a mom who understands just how that goes.... : )

mideastmom said...

Thank you!

As similar as our two Z's are, and as I've pondered the possibility over the past year or so, I think my Z would have definitely been an extended nurser, too, had he had the opportunity. This was his substitute and almost as difficult to give up.

Grateful for Grace said...

Awesome! My Sweetie says we get to do that to Cutie Pie this week. I'm not looking forward to it.

mideastmom said...

GfG, do you know how good it makes me feel that Cutie Pie still has hers? I thought Z was the oldest child on the planet that still had one (well, outside of Europe; they sell a 5+ size). :-P

Luke said...


1. You rebuilt a linux system from a Ubutu kernel and added more RAM.

2. You successfully cured "the bends" in your goldfish.

3. You robbed your child of his long held oral fixation fix.

I remember when my parents took mine away. The dentist said it was causing a gap in my teeth.

Eh, I probably would have abandoned it sometime in the middle of college if they'd just let me hold onto it a few more years.


mideastmom said...

Who says homeschoolers can't follow directions? You are correct, Luke.

I hope you're over the trauma. I always feel bad, because I know I addicted them to it in the first place. For my convenience.

Luke said...

[smile] I'm over my trauma, sure, but I still have a slight oral fixation.