Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cake for Breakfast

Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake! (reference old Bill Cosby routine [just listen, if you click; the video is just some guy lip-synching to it])

We have a family tradition that evolved from the need to get rid of leftover birthday cake. :-P We never ate it all, because after the sugar-rush of the party, I was loathe to feed it to the kids again. And ML and I didn't want to eat it all by ourselves. In ML's family growing up, his dad would eat the leftovers for breakfast until they were gone. I decided that cake was no worse in sugar-content than donuts or pancakes with syrup, so we now have cake and eggs for breakfast the morning after a birthday party (I've discovered that morning is actually the best time to feed sugar, if you're going to; it gives them time to work it off before naptime/bedtime; really). Cake leftovers? Taken care of.

Seriously, it's no worse than many other sweet breakfast options (although those particular options are just treats for us, we have a limited number of birthday cakes to do away with, too). And, truth be told, I think the main reason I chose to institute this tradition is that I want to go down as a fun mom. Hopefully, this will balance slave-driver mom who rules during school hours (and even she is trying to reform to become more fun, so maybe there's hope...).


Grateful for Grace said...

OH, yes! This has been a tradition in our house for as long as we've had birthdays together. The rule is: if there is only one piece left, the birthday person gets it; if there's more, we all get some!

It's one of the kids' favorite things about birthdays.

We do it for all the same reasons you do it.

Letters and Poems said...

My kids don't get to enjoy this tradition. I have a habit of finishing the cake after the family has fallen asleep.

mideastmom said...

No, no. It's not a "habit." It's a "tradition." You just gotta give it the right spin. :-P