Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Z!

This is going to be close to a wordless post. Today was Z's birthday party (his birthday was last Friday). Several friends with young kids came over, we had cake (yay, ML; his cake decorating just keeps getting better & better), and we opened presents. Short but sweet (like this post :-).

Pardon the quality of the photos. We win Mother and Father of the Year Award for not being able to find our camera for the entire party. ML found it later, but it was, of course, not charged. We'd been looking for it for several day in anticipation of needing it for birthday stuff, but today (after all of the birthday events, of course) ML went back and looked in the drawer where it was supposed to be and...it was there. It was just buried. :-/ So, we took pictures with ML's camera, hence the graininess. Sorry!


Grateful for Grace said...

OH, how fun!! He's soo big!!

Grateful for Grace said...

I officially volunteer to have your kiddos come over for a day and give our Zoobs a trial run! All for the sake of your kiddos.
Name the day, friend!

Hey, if I don't go to the BFM, are you still interested in meeting for Indian food?

mideastmom said...

Yea, that's kind of what I was hinting at. :-P

And, yes, we're *definitely* still on for Indian food!