Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'd rather eat Spam for the rest of my life...

Sure enough, I e-mailed the IT guys at dh's home-base office, which is where our e-mail is routed through, and my Blogger comment e-mails were stuck in the spam filter (I almost capitalized "spam"). J "unstuck" them for me, so we're all good now. Love helpful IT people! (Dh included. :-)

Comment away!

*The title is a really obscure reference to the Christian heavy metal band, Trial, that my youth group friends played in when we were in high school. One of their t-shirts said, "I'd rather eat Spam for the rest of my life than serve Satan." I probably still have one in a drawer at my parents' house. And, for the record, I actually like Spam. Especially (well, I guess "only," since it's the only way I've really eaten it) as Mom's Spam salad (basically, tuna salad made with grated Spam).


Tressa said...

Spam- YUCK!

IT guys- YAY!

You need to post a picture of any of your Christmas decor? DO you have anything up? How do you celebrate Christmas in your home?

Sorry lots of curiousity! Hope your feeling swell!! (Not swollen- just swell)

mideastmom said...

Tressa, we are *decked out* for Christmas. I will definitely post pics. No problem with the curiosity. I actually need reminders of things like that, because I forget what people might be interested in and not know about our life here. Thanks!

Grateful for Grace said...

My dh loves Spam. Military brats are raised on it, I hear.

How are you feeling??

On the mideast Christmas thing, how do people react to y'all's (threw that in because you probably don't hear it a lot) celebrating Christmas?

Tiffany said...

"Spam for the rest of my life" - that's a funny t-shirt.