Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check-up...I mean -in

I know, I know. It's been too long since I've blogged. I've been in the throes of morning sickness (a misnomer, if I ever heard one).

And I actually threw up (sorry, if you didn't want to know that; I won't mention it directly again). :-( I was so disappointed. I'd been tapering off from the up to five-times-a-day with MS down to once with MA and not at all with JW. I came out of the bathroom and announced to ML, "I broke my track record." It was a surprisingly defeating thought. And, I admit, I forgot to thank the Lord that I was sick at that point.

However, I have felt much better from that point onwards. I think part of that is that it made me get serious about keeping food, especially protein, in my system, no matter what ends (read: finances and convenience food) I have to go to to do so. We now have lunch meat in the house. And bread consistently for sandwiches (white ). And Honey Nut Cheerios (the milk being the protein there, in case you were wondering). And lots and lots of eggs.

May I introduce you to egg bowls? Basically, they're eggs scrambled in the microwave with extra stuff thrown in, as desired, and topped with salsa and sour cream, if desired, too. I've been having them about once a day. We first heard of doing this from my aunt and uncle (my mom's brother, but that's not important right now) and cousins one Christmas when we were first married. We were all still gathering at my grandmother's house, but she was already declining to the point that she couldn't cook for us all, so this was the solution for a couple of breakfasts.

The funny thing is that we'd forgotten about them until we were watching the crew of NCIS savor their breakfast burritos on one episode and seriously salivating. This is after having watched them eat take-out Chinese on more than one occasion. Cruel, I tell you. Just cruel. I came up with the idea to have egg bowls as a substitute. That night we had them with just cheese and salsa, but we've since stocked the house with sour cream and lunch meat (it's not just for sandwiches, you know), and we even had them one night for dinner as actual breakfast burritos wrapped in the local equivalent of tortillas. Yum!

Oh, and guess where ML and I went last night on our date night? A Chinese/Thai restaurant in the new mall in the capital that we've been meaning to check out. It was *delicious* and definitely a place to return to.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Throes of morning sickness? Or throws?

Grateful for Grace said...

Glad you posted.
Sorry you were/are sick.

Egg bowls. Very interesting.
Is this a bad time to tell you I went out for Indian last night? Mark your calendar for March.

love ya!

mideastmom said...

J Cosmo, both.

GfG, mentioning Indian is not a problem. I cannot crave that which I have not had, but I really am looking forward to it. :-)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I hope you have a very merry Christmas, that Santa brings you everything you deserve and that it doesn’t take too long to work off the effects of Christmas dinner.

Thank you for being part of what has been a fascinating year for me.

Rebecca said...

I think it may be impossible to live here for a few years and NOT start clarifying which side of the family "uncle" or "aunt" is reffering to. :) Glad to hear that Thai place is good. I saw it the other day and was tempted.

mideastmom said...

You know, Rebecca, I didn't even *think* about that, but you're probably right. I probably did clarify for that very reason. (For those reading along, Arabic has separate words for your mother's siblings and your father's. Family relationships are highly important.)

And, if Tim's not available, and you need a date, I'll see if I can ditch the kids, and we can get Thai food together. :-)