Monday, January 26, 2009

Pop Playlist

As promised, my original Pop Playlist grew cumbersome, so I split it into Pop and Rock/Alternative. Some of my choices as to what went where defy iTunes designations for those songs, but, by golly, they're my playlists. I can put the songs where I want them.

1. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor: from an episode of Medium (You can all collectively gasp at the fact that we watch that show. Would you believe that my mom recommended it?)
2. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat: On our family vacation a couple of years ago, the pop (meaning, American) radio station that they had on in the restaurant each morning at breakfast played this song. It's catchy, and it reminds me of our vacation (which had its high points, although we will be returning to the Dead Sea from here on out and probably not deviating from that tradition again).
3. That’s Not Me - Bianca Ryan: I discovered this song after seeing the Bianca Ryan YouTube video from America's Got Talent. I know it's just a cover she does, but I like the song and the way she sings it.
4. Lullaby – Dixie Chicks: another Medium episode
5. The Rose - Bianca Ryan: Another Bianca Ryan cover that I liked. Reminds me of seeing Beaches at the drive-in with my mom and a friend.
6. I’m Still Here – Johnny Rzeznik: from the sleeper Disney movie, Treasure Planet
7. American Pie – Don McLean: Not quite sure on this one.
8. Complicated - Avril Lagrine: Think I just liked it.
9. Extreme Ways - Moby: Bourne movie credits theme
*10. Mad World - Michael Andrews & Gary Jules: From the opening scenes of a Without a Trace episode. The openings of the episodes tend to be without dialogue, because they depict the disappearance, which is, of course, shrouded in mystery, since the missing person is not there to explain, so I've gotten to hear some interesting songs. Oh, and this is not a song I would play with my kids listening (and since I control the iPod in the car and my computer in the kitchen, the two places I listen to my own music, this is easily accomplished). The lyrics are too negative and depressing and might be latched onto particularly by my one more melancholy child. They do, unfortunately, portray the perspective of many adolescents.
*11. Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin: I know, this does not belong in a "Pop" playlist, but I just don't have enough R&B yet to spin it off. Eventually, maybe. Inspired by discussion of her music following her inaugural performance. Also reminds me of a scene in the movie Sneakers.
*12. Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani & Eve: Random, I know. The kids were watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua (which I do not recommend; they were not glued to it, fortunately, and will not be seeing it again; I was giving it a chance at a friend's house), and I got a kick out of the song behind the opening credits, which was a hip hop version of "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof. Yeah, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it, if I hadn't heard it myself, either. I do not recommend watching the video [I wanted to listen to the whole song to make sure I wanted it, so I pulled it up on YouTube], nor purchasing any other of her songs without first researching them for content, from what I've read). This one, though, is just fun, and I'm enjoying listening to it.
*13. If I Were a Boy - Beyoncé: I'm just surprising you all over the place today, aren't I? Saw the video for this song at our favorite ice cream parlor in the capital when ML and I were on a date a couple of months ago. Although I don't recommend watching it with the kids, the video is interesting in a cultural literacy/cultural commentary way. And I just like the sound of the song.

It's late, so the Rock/Alternative Playlist will have to wait until tomorrow. I know you're all just waiting with bated breath.

*New song.

- Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson: from a commercial

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Missus Wookie said...

I have a playlist called "Makes me Happy" and I put whatever does in there, so there is a bit of mixture. You don't often get REM followed by the Seekers followed by John McCutcheon (folk) followed by gospel then Jonathan Coulton but hey they all make me happy :)

Keep meaning to make another mini album with the top 25 from each of our iPods. Thanks for the nudge..