Sunday, October 17, 2010

80's Playlist

Had a request from a friend (addressed to the "Playlist Queen") for some suggestions for a dance party she's having, all young ladies our age, so 80's music was prioritized. Much to my horror, I discovered I'd never posted my 80's playlist. So, to rectify that . . .

1. Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer (Totally 80's for Kids version; sorry, it was the best I could do): most memorable as what everyone learned to play on the keyboard when they first became popular
2. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
3. Take Me On - A-Ha
4. Angel - Aerosmith
5. Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder: my ringtone for ML right now
6. Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
7. We Are the World - U.S.A for Africa: I had the tape. Yes, I did.
8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper: I remember this one from our sabbatical to Oxford when I was in the 3rd grade. Must have just become popular (there) at about that time.
9. Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
10. Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi: Band bus. Totally.
11. Shout - Tears for Fears: Band bus, again.
12. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
13. Axel F - Crazy Frog: I'd never heard of it, until I went looking for the classic version. The kids liked it, so I got it, too.

- I've Got a Rock 'N Roll Heart - Eric Clapton: Yes, I fell prey to the T-mobile commercial, I admit it.
- Dude (Looks Like a Lady) - Aerosmith
- Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

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