Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things that go verbose in the night.

Several nights ago, I got up to see why ZL was chattering and wide awake. At 3 AM. Never did figure out exactly, but we're guessing it was a tummy ache from the copious amounts of stuffed grape leaves he ate at a birthday party the previous evening (which he chose over the cookies and cake available).

Anyway, I came back to bed, and it looked suspiciously like ML had rolled over and taken most of my 1/2 of the covers with him in the process (it turns out he had not, but the accusation was not without precedence). When I grumbled/griped about what I thought had happened, his reply was to huff and say, "I have done nothing but show you extravagant kindness!"

Um, I'm used to him saying funny things to me in the middle of the night, but waxing literary is new. I laughed at him and went to sleep. And he laughed at himself the next day when I told him what he'd said.

Turns out it's an epidemic.

Last night at around 2 AM, a short shadow appeared on my side of the bed. I asked JW what the problem was. He started with, "As you can see..." (which I couldn't, but that's kind of beside the point) and proceeded to try to describe his predicament. He then followed me to the bathroom as I heard, "yet I was not aware of how it happened" and "the worst part of the situation was." At 2 AM. Think this seven-year-old reads a bit?


Grateful for Grace said...

Sounds like a Sonlight homeschooled kid to me!!

mideastmom said...

Yeah, I guess I should put it on Sonlight Moments. It definitely was one. And the funny thing was, even at whatever time it was, I was thinking, "This is definitely going to be a blog post." :-P

Luke said...

Hilarious! And, yes, that would make for a great Sonlight Moment [smile].